redefining nuclear energy in hopes of transitioning to a society run on carbon-free electricity

About Us

Jackie Zamow

I am in my third year of a computer engineering degree, and I am the Chair of the University of Minnesota chapter of IEEE. I have a passion for working with people and I am excited to put effort towards a cause greater than my normal values working with other people towards common goals. I am taking this class to strengthen my project building skills, as well as to work on a project that benefits more than just my GPA. I have a passion for helping people be productive, and I am especially excited to be productive towards

Daniel Meyer

I’m a chemical engineering and chemistry double major, and I’m taking this class because I’ve never taken a project based class before and wanted to try it out. I’m also interested in both solar and nuclear energy, as well as battery technologies. The areas that hold the most interest for me are research into new types of solar cells, improvements in reactor design, and the technical aspects of batteries. The reason I’m interested in nuclear energy is that it is carbon free, and it is able to be implemented without doing an overhaul of the current energy grid. I also think that it is possible for it to be a much cleaner technology than it currently is, if there were changes made to existing waste storage procedures.

Britta Roe 

I am a junior at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  I was born and raised in Minneapolis, and I am planning to graduate with a major in Environmental Science with an Art minor.  I chose this field due to my passion and desire to make a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable energy future. My grandfather was an inventor/engineer and has had a passion for and explored alternative energy sources during the 1970’s energy crisis, his passion and creativity has been a source of inspiration for me.  One of these passions is the belief nuclear energy can be a solution to a sustainable energy future by applying new technology that will significantly reducing safety risks and waste. We both believe the nuclear option has not been given a fair opportunity to be a part of our sustainable energy future. I believe that a safe nuclear option could help to preserve our remaining wilderness with the smallest footprint and lowest impact.  I have had an appreciation for the outdoors my entire life; I enjoy camping, exploring the outdoors and extracting its beauty through art. I am still exploring how I can make a meaningful contribution following graduation that will satisfy both my passion and my desire to make the greatest contribution to a more sustainable energy future.

Christian Palumbo

I am a Biology major in my first year at the University of Minnesota. I have a passion for the environment and have taken an interest in learning about the different areas that impact it. As a result, I have found the topic of energy to be of great importance and quite intriguing. Beginning this project, I am open minded to nuclear energy. I recognize its potential to be a clean energy, but also acknowledge its major negative consequences such as nuclear waste. Because of this, newer nuclear technologies are very interesting, especially considering their role compared to renewables.

Bradley Johnson

I am an electrical engineering major with an emphasis in power and energy. I have taken multiple courses with a focus on renewable energy in the past and find the topic to be interesting and rapidly changing. For nuclear energy I see some very positive attributes with no carbon emissions and nuclear plants being able to run efficiently 24/7 with only brief moments when they are offline to refuel. Comparing nuclear energy to renewable energy will be an interesting comparison, since both have such unique energy production qualities when compared to coal and gas. Although my main concern is how the nuclear waste is dealt with. Nuclear waste management has been an issue for over four decades and we have not gotten closer on a permanent solution. I believe for nuclear energy to become more viable in the future a plan for what to do with nuclear waste needs to be addressed.

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